Picamon Fruits

Certifications as a distributor of Valencian citrus fruits

What sets Picamon Fruits apart from other leading businesses is the relationship we have with fruit farmers of each of our partners’ plantations.

We work shoulder to shoulder with our partners and supply them with up to date information and training in cutting edge systems of cultivation. This enables us to carry out quality control in the fields with constant care in the production and selection of produce. This has led to us being awarded numerous professional certificates.

Integrated Production

The production uses integrated agricultural systems to obtain vegetables/fruits that take the fullest advantage of the resources and the natural mechanisms of production and ensure long-term sustainable agriculture, thus introducing biological and chemical methods of control, as well as other techniques, environmental protection and agricultural productivity, this process also includes operations for the handing, packaging, processing and labeling of items, which benefit from the system.

The integrated production is based on the reduction of the use of fertilizer and plant protection products, so that the use of necessary products always has a technical justification.

In short, we are dealing with obtaining first class products through reasoned agriculture using methods which respect the environment and that ensure food safety and the profitability of the crops. 


The Global Gap certification is based on the food security that the final product has to meet in accordance with the controlled use of pesticides to reduce as much as possible the residues in food, human beings and their environment.

The certification ensures that the producer complies with health and safety criteria regarding citrus fruits in their plots, as well as an integrated management of crops and pests.

This ensures environmental protection in relation to the aspects of hygiene which avoid chemical, physical and biological pollution, ensuring the safety of food.


  Ecological Production

Organic farming is a production system that provides the consumer with freshreal tasty food, whilst at the same time respecting the natural life cycles of eco systems, which is why organic farming is based on a series of objectives and principles that strive to minimize the human impact on the environment, while ensuring that the agricultural system functions in the most natural way possible.Crop rotation as a prerequisite for the efficient use of resources very strict limits on the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, antibiotics to livestock and additives in food.

Prohibition of the use of genetically modified organism’s, utilization of resources, such as manure for fertilizing or food for livestock produced by the farm itself.

Selection of plant species resistant to disease and adapted to local conditions.


  QS Certification

The QS system is a certification of German origin that aspires to ensure a quality assurance throughout the chain of production and marketing both in fruits and vegetables.

The objective of the QS protocol is to establish standards of quality, strict and verifiable to all phases of the value-creation chain, and so achieve systems data quality assurance transparent at all stages.

Foods that have the QS seal have been produced in accordance at all levels through the QS stamp whose acronym is “quality assurance” in German.